Saturday, 3 March MNF 2018 : Heavy Metal

Heavy metal galore at the Military Museum. And during Museum Night Fever this is both literally and metaphorically. Not only do we program guided tours about the metal heavyweights in our collections, but with the performance by the Les Corps Longs duo metal will meet flying trapeze, RITCS students will present the results of their vibration workshop, Kunsthumaniora Brussel will improvise on and around metal and a series of Belgian metal bands will blow your socks off. Stop over at our Whiplash bar for a bite to eat or a drink.

Discover the programme !

RITCS /XL-AIR / Christoph De Boeck :

Presentation of experimental sound effects by RITCS students (results of a workshop led by sound artist Christoph De Boeck): 

In collaboration with artist Christoph De Boeck, RITCS organized a vibrating workshop based on heavy metals used in the military: the students wanted to see how an armour reacted to the sound of running water or how airplane parts could emit low frequencies. Tonight they present the results of their experiments in various museum galleries.

Where ? In the Arms and Armours, 19th Century and Aviation Galleries

When ?  All night

Les Corps Longs

Musical trapeze performance

Les Corps Longs improvise performances suited to the time and place in which they are presented. Hisse is a dialogue between the strings of a guitar, human vocal cords and a flying trapeze, all tightly gripped, manhandled and upset high up in the air, in a flash dance trying to suppress time and climaxing in a loss of control. The echoes of cords and strings alike vibrate in empty space, where the dancing body reveals its innermost self, regardless of time, here and now.

Where? WW I Gallery

When? 19:25-19:40 / 20:45-21:00 / 22:05-22:20 / 23:25-23:40 / 00:45-01:00

Kunsthumaniora Brussel 

Metal percussion

Kunsthumaniora Brussel is an enthusiastic school for stage arts (music, verbal expression and dance) covering both general and artistic subject matters. 4th and 7th grade students from the “Music and Verbal Expression” section will surprise you with “metal improvisations” that will definitely make for memorable moments. Come and see for yourself! Witness young enthusiasm, rich imagination and technical know-how. 

Where and when ?

Historic Gallery : 19:05-19:25 / 20:25-20:45 / 21:45-22:05 / 23:05-23:25 / 00:25-00:45

Main Lobby : 19:15-19:35

Aviation Hall  : 19:30-19:50 / 20:30-20:50 / 21:30-21:50 / 22:30-22:50 / 23:30-23:50 / 00:30-00:50 / 01:30-01:50

Arcades : 20:15-20:35 / 21:15-21:35 / 22:15-22:35 / 23:15-23:35 / 00:15-00:35 / 01:15-01:35



DEEPSHOW, ITHILIEN, FIREFORCE, LIFERS and SIGNS OF ALGORITHM DEEPSHOW, ITHILIEN, FIREFORCE, LIFERS and SIGNS OF ALGORITHM constitute a perfect sample of the Brussels, Flemish and Walloon metal scene. You love that sound or you want to learn more about heavy metal, folk, death metal, death trash and metal core? Be sure not to miss these concerts in the unique and imposing set-up of the Military Museum. 

Where and when? 

SIGNS OF ALGORITHM :         Podium  WW1 :  19:40-20:25

LIFERS :                                    Podium WW1 :   21:00-21:45

FIREFORCE :                            Podium WW1 :  22:20-23:05

ITHILIEN :                                Podium WW 1:   23:40-00:25

DEEPSHOW :                           Podium  WW1 :   01:00-01:45


Metal Market:  WW1  : all night

Guided tours: : Heavy metal in our collections:  all night

Whiplash-Bar : Drinks, sandwiches and hot-dogs : WW1  : all night


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