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The Military Museum safeguards thousands of objects. The curator is currently drawing up the inventory and could definitely use some help to complete this huge task! By solving various riddles, you can discover the name of our mystery item... And a small surprise awaits you at the end of the circuit !

Circuit available in French and Dutch, upon request at the main reception desk during the Easter holidays + in download on our website

  • From Saturday 2 April through Sunday 17 April 2022;
  • Free of charge (included in the entrance fee);
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In March 2020, our country went in lockdown for the first time, due to a novel and unknown coronavirus. This virus has hit hard, especially in residential care centers. Logistical and medical assistance quickly became necessary, and the medical component of the Defense was called upon for this purpose.

It is in this context that the 1st reserve petty officer of the 3EMI and professional photographer at the War Heritage Institute, Jerusalem Piérard, was commissioned to capture this mission, respecting sanitary and customary...

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As of 8 December 2020 the reading room is accessible to all members of the public.

Consultation is subjected to strict conditions in order to safeguard general health.

CEDOC is still operating with a reduced number of staff members on site and the number of seats in the reading room is limited in order to guarantee social distancing. Visitors are therefore required to book in due time. Two full business days have to separate the reservation and the consultation (e.g. reservation on Monday evening at the very latest for a visit on Thursday). There will be no exceptions to this...