The Bordiau Gallery

The impressive Bordiau Gallery is dedicated to the large 20th century conflicts. A modern set-up shows the last months of the Great War, illustrates the interwar period and focuses on the Second World War. The presentation, unique in Belgium, gives the visitor the opportunity to admire both outfits of great men and personal possessions of anonymous soldiers or civilians.

A new presentation is coming soon…

The Royal Military Museum is to complete the permanent exhibition in the Bordiau Gallery with new presentations about occupied Belgium (1940-1944), the end...

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2018-09-21 ... 2019-09-22


After the First World War both Belgium and the rest of the world saw fundamental changes. Society had to come to terms with damage and grief, but at the same time experienced a great revival.

Through its exhibition Beyond the Great War: 1918-1928 the War Heritage Institute focuses on several main themes: the final offensive, liberation, the post-war era, geopolitical changes, economic revival, mourning and remembrance, economic and cultural changes.

The exhibition does not only displays exceptional items from the rich WHI ...