Unique objects belonging to the de Gerlache and Lecointe families in the Antarctica exhibition

The permanent exhibition about Antarctica opened its doors in March 2016. It  showcases the support Defense has always given to expeditions on the white continent. The first part of the exhibition tells the story of the Belgica expedition (1897-1899). This incredible adventure led by Adrien de Gerlache and his second in command Georges Lecointe not only was the first international scientific expedition, but also the first to hibernate on the Pole, caught in ice.

The second part illustrates the building and management of the King Baudouin Base. The Princess Elisabeth Station is the subject of the third zone.

In November 1916 our acting director welcomed representatives of the de Gerlache and Lecointe families for the signing of the loan agreement for several objects enriching the first two parts of the exhibition. Be sure to come and discover these precious testimonials of the polar adventure!