New - From now on …..  the Royal Military Museum  integrates the War Heritage Institute                                        

The Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History, the Belgian National Institute for Veterans and Victims of War, the National Memorial Fort Breendonk and the Historic Pool of Defence unite forces…

The result: a brand-new military heritage and remembrance organization is launched… : War Heritage Institute

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An exceptional acquisition made by the War Heritage Institute

Shortly after its creation the War Heritage Institute acquired an exceptional ensemble during an auction at the Dorotheum, the famous Viennese auction house and the oldest one in the world (founded in 1707), for the sum of 10,000 €. A bargain, considering the objects’ inestimable value. The acquisition comprises a complete infantry outfit of the Austrian line regiments (ca. 1780-1794). It matches the outfit worn by the Belgians in the so-called national regiments serving in Joseph II, Leopold II or Franz II’s “K. Und K. Armee”.

The unique outfit is made up of: a headdress (Kaskett...

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The permanent exhibition about the Second World War expands!

In view of the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War (2019-2020) the museum gives its permanent exhibition a new lease of life. The existing set-up will be thoroughly refurbished and a brand-new wing about the occupation of Belgium and the liberation of the European continent will be added.

In this framework the current infrastructure is being revised, which renders access to the exhibition about the Second World War impossible. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.        

Madyol on display

An unprecedented retrospective set up by the Royal Military Museum at the Mémorial 1815

Since June 1815 the Waterloo battlefield has attracted countless artists. Farms, fields, hamlets and soldiers have been drawn and painted over and over again and have told the bloody story for the last two hundred years.

At the request of Count Cavens (who wished to maintain the 1815 battlefield in its original state) artist Jacques Madyol (1871-1950) realized a series of paintings illustrating the different venues and protagonists involved in the famous battle.


Focus on 100 years of tanks

The tank is 100! The Royal Military Museum highlights this anniversary through several aspects. Discover three Great War tanks (the Mark IV, the FT 17 and the Whippet) and learn about the origins of tanks both in Belgium and abroad through testimonials, anecdotes, the uniform of a British tankist or antitank weapons.

The Diorama of the River Meuse is getting ready for the big show!

Precisely 80 years ago Alfred Bastien, author of the famous Panorama of the Yser Battle, started working on the Diorama of the Battles on the River Meuse in 1914. It is indeed in 1936 that Bastien began the 8.5 m high and 72 m long painting. It was revealed in May 1937, in a new building on the Namur citadel, but was only to remain accessible to the public for a very short period of time. At the outbreak of the Second World War the painting was taken down in order to safeguard it against possible vandalism by the enemy. It was never to be rehung! In 1952 the city of Namur...


News & Events

Four fun-filled trails, designed for both young and old, enable you to discover the Museum in an original way during exciting treasure-hunts.

In each trail you need to solve some ten simple riddles across the Museum. These will provide the coordinates of the final « cache » (the treasure). Don’t worry, you don’t need a GPS, high-tech systems, maps, compasses or sextants: the coordinates are virtual ones!

At the end of each trail, go back to the Museum welcome desk, where your coordinates will be validated and where you will receive access to the « treasure », a reward for...

Expo Dieppe Royal Military Museum  24/06 > 31/12/17
2017-06-24 ... 2017-12-31

 In the framework of the 75th anniversary of the raid on Dieppe the War Heritage Institute presents its first temporary exhibition: Dieppe. Tribute to a raid. It illustrates a lesser-known episode of the Second World War: the raid on Dieppe on August 19, 1942.

A total of 99 items from the Royal Military Museum collections (Brussels), the city of Dieppe, Dieppe societies and private collectors enable us to retrace the stages of Operation Jubilee. Four complementary zones shed new light on the raid: the historical context and the major military actors, the Belgian part in Operation...

2017-07-01 ... 2017-09-20

Since May 1, 2017 the Royal Military Museum is part of the War Heritage Institute. Use summer break to (re)discover the riches of the Jubilee Park.

Activities galore for young and old. Download the program !


A symbol of Belgium’s Great War: The Trench of Death (Armémuseum, Stockholm)
2017-07-06 ... 2017-08-20

Until August 20, 2017 the Stockholm Army Museum runs a picture exhibition on the Trench of Death entitled A Symbol of Belgium's Great War: the Trench of Death.

More information on

The pictures taken during the family afternoon of August 2 are on line!

Click on the link to view them:


2017-09-04 ... 2017-09-08

The reading room will be closed from September 04th until September 08th 2016  because of the annual stocktaking.